Powerful. Nimble. Relevant. These are all attributes that call to us- as individuals, organizations, and communities. They speak to a sense of motion, clarity and purpose; an ability to flex and pivot, connecting our resources and assets with needs and opportunities around us.

We cannot move if we are stuck. Yet, that is where we firmly find ourselves.  Like tires spinning in the snow, our ruts grow ever deeper as we grasp at clarity, relevance, an ability to respond.

To be clear, our condition is neither necessary nor permanent. It is merely an inability to recognize that the path to our unstuckness is revealed by our vary state of being stuck. If we are willing to go there, to excavate the thoughts, structures and patterns that trap us, we can envision- and achieve- something much more impactful and meaningful.

The journey requires new tools, models, and narratives along with a community for sharing and offering support. But be assured, once we achieve a new state of unstuckness, there will be no going back.