Delving into Dissonance

Dissonance is like the Holy Grail of learning. It is the place where we hit a conceptual wall, where our core assumptions about people, life, knowledge, and ourselves are rocked to the very foundation, forcing us to do something drastic- to alter our ways of understanding and interacting with the world. To say that dissonance [...]

Systems Calibration: How Boards Can Save our Most Challenged School Districts

Once we establish that our education system is complex, fragile, and precious (see earlier posts), the responsibility of leadership becomes one of calibration. In we identified key points of fragility within school systems that can be tightened through  self-study or guided evaluation. They include internal organizational integrity, co-evolution of the system with its environment, and the vision toward which [...]

How to Get Higher Ed to the Table for Meaningful Education Reform

As cautious and thoughtful higher education professionals it makes sense to show programmatic restraint.  Rather than committing precious resources to new initiatives that may or may not be successful, of course we should prioritize the stewardship of existing commitments over fleeting dalliances. But here’s the problem- if we allow ourselves to be guided only by [...]