My Work

Upon reflection, I have devoted my entire career to studying and cultivating movement; the kind that happens when our unique gifts and talents are activated and connected with meaningful needs and opportunities around us. This is the kind of movement that drives innovation, growth and capacity building, and offers a portal to all that we need to be strong and relevant- individually, organizationally and societally. After 20 years of studying and working to catalyze movement through modeling, program design, and mentoring, I can assert, unequivocally, that this state of movement is entirely within our reach. But it requires the development of new tools, frameworks and competencies and the courage to delve into the behaviors, structures and mindsets that currently constrain us. Through this work, we can design and redesign models and systems that are inherently more expansive, resonant and compelling. This is the work of unstuckness. I invite you to join me.