K-12 Education

It’s silly to think about education or talent development in a vacuum. Whether we are focusing on Experiential Learning in colleges and universities or inquiry, curiosity or project-based learning in K-12, it is essentially the same challenge. How can we cultivate talent and potential in their most diverse and abundant forms, and connect outputs and competencies with real-world needs and challenges?. Regardless of the age group or specific pedagogical approach, engagement is the conduit, and skills, competencies and experiences are critical stepping stones toward growth and innovation.

Although my work focuses on Higher Education, it is equally relevant to younger learners and can be adapted to meet the specific needs and contexts of educational programs and systems. Sustainability-related projects that connect students with real-world challenges and solutions are particularly powerful in cultivating learning, professional, and civic-related goals. For schools and programs considering the adoption of Experiential Learning and digital badges, I encourage you to think outside the traditional curriculum and to encourage creativity and customization to maximize benefits and potential impacts.

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