ELN Project Portal and Digital Badges

As universities and colleges invest in the design and redesign of engagement offerings for students and their partners, there is great opportunity to support important societal and sustainability goals while also driving institutional growth. This work requires new tools and models that are dynamic and can build value around engagement, making connections with key audiences and stakeholders.

Through my own work at the University at Buffalo, I have developed an Experiential Learning system that connects students with mentored projects and awards digital badges as a way to incentivize, facilitate and assess impacts. Using these dynamic tools and models, we can leverage diverse talent and potential, while addressing sustainability and equity-related challenges in ways that are scalable, generative and highly customizable.

ELN Project Portal

ELN Digital Badges

SDG Project Challenges

There is great opportunity to scale this model across University systems and regions throughout the world. By connecting higher education programs with Locally-Led Development and Sustainability partners and students via Experiential Learning and Digital Badges we can support student growth while catalyzing broader impacts and opportunity.

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