We All Need to MOVE

From the very beginning we move.  In the womb our tiny bodies flex and somersault, limbering for the journey of birth. The first months brings dizzying development- cries and sucking blur into grasps, rolls, and sitting, as we will ourselves into motion, crawling, scooting, dragging our tiny bodies forward.  For babies movement is everything.  It is the vehicle for exploration, learning, and discovery.  It is the pathway to success.  For infants success is pure and gratification immediate.  The desire to do it again and again is the catalyst for growth.  Inch by inch we wiggle forward, making microscopic corrections and enhancements, amassing an increasingly sophisticated repertoire of skills and strategies. 

Many have studied this dance of development- the constant interplay between internal and external that moves infants forward toward the finish-line of maturity. To me this end point has always seemed anti-climactic, the swirling whirling movement of childhood slowing to a screeching halt once adulthood is reached. Of course the lure of permanence is undeniable- we seek security from our jobs and commitment from our partners.  But once they are attained, we settle into a routine, weathering uncertainty and staying the course.  And somewhere along the way we get stuck.

Like car wheels spinning in the snow we try desperately to gain traction, even as our ruts grow ever deeper.  We fantasize about sweeping changes that will propel us into motion- the perfect job, soul mate, or material things that will smooth the complexities and restore the youthful joy that lies within.  And while a few brave souls take the plunge into the great unknown, most of us just wait. We wait for life to calm down, for opportunities to present themselves, we wait for Happiness to track us down and tap us on the shoulder with her fairy tale wand.

But maybe like me, you’re tired of waiting yet unwilling to throw it all out and start over again.  If so, I propose a third option, a process for creating movement that emanates from within.  This movement may be quite different from what you’re used to.  It’s not a tumultuous and churning kind, filled with peaks and valleys, thrashing you about like a tempest or taking you for an uncertain ride.  This movement is controlled and steady- a gentle current that propels you forward while protecting you from the wild waters that rage beyond.

I look forward to sharing my unique approach to MOVEment through upcoming posts, presentations, and workshops.  


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