Best Failures

Do you ever tire of individuals and organizations pretending to have it all figured out, insisting that their models are superior and worthy of support and adoration?

Just once I’d love to attend a conference featuring best failures instead of best practices. Imagine esteemed leaders standing before their peers, sharing stories about hitting the wall and facing structural challenges that threatened their success. Imagine the rich dialog and reflection that could result as participants considered their own experiences, with spin-off committees and action groups exploring new models and paradigms.

As the challenges facing our communities grow deeper and more complex it’s time to admit that our current models and approaches are not working and that we do not, in fact, have it all figured out. With that said, it would be a waste to dismiss our failures in all their richness. It is only by exploring them openly and thoughtfully that we can clarify the points of leverage and fragility that are key to finding our path forward.

Perhaps a “Best Failures Symposium” is a timely idea. I know I have many case studies to contribute………

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